New Year, New PAYE reporting

Did you know the revenue have changed PAYE, since the 1 January 2019 there are no more P45, P60s or annual P35s and under Revenue PAYE (Employers) Compliance regulations updated in May 2018, you can be fined up to €4,000 for each breach of PAYE Regulations?

The following 4 points may help you comply with new rules and avoid large fines:

  1. Register all employees on ROS and ask all of your current and new employees to register as an employee of your company on Revenue My Account.
  2. Pay all employees by direct debit or bank transfer on the same date and only once a month.
  3. NEVER pay an employee before submitting Payroll submission on ROS.
  4. Keep an updated Register of Employees, which can include employee name, date of birth, address, Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), (Copy of GNIB Card for non EEA resident), job title, pay, start date and where relevant date of cessation. You should try to keep the register at your normal place of work or the place of employment of your employee and ensure the employee list on ROS is the same as your register of Employees.

For more information you should consider reading Revenue PAYE (Employers) Compliance regulations and Revenue eBrief No. 127/18.

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New day, new year and New PAYE rules