The Final Countdown for Limited Companies next Wednesday 30th November

As you probably know next Wednesday 30th of November 2016 your limited company will be statutorily defaulted to a Model Private Limited Company. While this “Do Nothing” option may sound attractive there are a number of implications for companies and directors who allow a statutory default occur. • S.60 of the Act compels directors to […]

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of forming a Limited Company

Thanks to new companies act 2014 it is has never been easier to set up a limited company. You now only need one director for a limited company, however you still need a company secretary. Unfortunately the director and the company secretary, can not be the same person. Most people are appointing their spouse, partner, family member or […]

Make your voice heard by exercising your vote for David Lafferty

Did you know that you can have your business needs listened to in the Dublin Chamber by voting in the 2016 Council elections between 18th January and 29th January? Simply click here between 18th January and 29th January and use the PIN that Sandra ( will send you. Make your voice heard by exercising your […]